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Xiangqi , Chinese Chess, Elephant chess, Hsiang-ch'i, Hsiang-chi, Hsiangch'i, Hsiangchi, Xiàngqí, Xiànqí, Xiang-qi, Xiangchi, Xiang chi, Xiang Qi, Xianqi, Xiongqi
Xiangqi, is a two-player Chinese board game in the same family as Western chess, chaturanga, shogi and janggi. The present-day form of Xiangqi originated in China and is therefore commonly called Chinese chess in English. The first character 象 Xiàng here has the meaning "image" or "representational", hence Xiangqi can be literally translated as "representational chess". The game is sometimes called "elephant chess" after an alternative meaning of 象 as "elephant".
This image belongs to the following categories: Abstract strategy games, Chess variants, Chinese ancient games, Chinese games, Chinese words and phrases, Traditional board games.

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