Sport stacking

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Illustration of Sport stacking:
Sport stacking

Sport stacking

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Sport stacking (formerly known as cup stacking and commonly known as speed stacking) is an individual and team activity played using plastic cups. In the United States it originated in the early 1980s at a southern California boys and girls' club and received national attention in 1990 on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The sport was invented by Wayne Godinet. He was the man who invented the first formations and gave the name to the Cup stack (Karango Cup Stack). Shortly thereafter Godinet formed a group called Cupstack. Later he worked together with the physical education teacher Bob Fox. Early competitions were held in 1998 in Oceanside, California and Denver, Colorado. Later, Bob Fox developed the sport and invented new formations and competitons, he also invented the annual World Sport Stacking Championships and founded Speed Stacks.
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