Rock Papers Scissors

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Rock Papers Scissors

Rock Papers Scissors

Rock Papers Scissors , Avalanche (rps), Bond game, Denouement (rps), Fistful O' Dollars, Gambit (rps), Grizzly, Cowboy, Ninja, Kai bai bo, Paper, Rock, Scissors, Paper, Scissor, Stone, Paper, Scissors, Rock, Paper, scissors, stone, Paper-rock-scissors, Paper-scissors-rock, Paper Dolls (rps), Paper rock scissors, Paper Scissors Rock, Paper Scissors Stone, Ro-Sham-Bo, Rochambeau (game), Rock,Paper,Scissors
Rock-paper-scissors (also known as scissors-paper-stone, jan-ken-pon, rochambeau, ching-chang-wulla, and many derived terms), is a popular two-person hand game.
This image belongs to the following categories: Children's games, Game theory, Hand games.

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