Quad four

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Quad four

Quad four

Quad four , GM Twin Cam engine, Quad-4, Quad 4
The Quad 4 (called Twin Cam after 1995) was a DOHC and SOHC straight-4 automobile engine produced by General Motors' Oldsmobile division. It was a modern engine for the time, but was criticized for roughness as well as its longevity. Balance shafts were added in 1995, also known as a transitional year from the Quad 4 to the renamed TWIN CAM variant, in 1996 2.4L the complete engine makeover was accomplished. The name is derived from the engine's four cylinders and four valve per cylinder layout. There was a single overhead camshaft variant that was produced for a brief time. The Quad 4 used an iron block and an aluminum head.
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