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Kho kho

Kho kho

Kho kho , Kho-Kho
Kho Kho is an Indian sport played by teams of twelve players who try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team, only 9 players of the team enter the field. Kho Kho and Kabaddi, in spite of popular misconception, are not the same.In Kho-Kho, one team sits or kneels in the middle of the court, in a row, with alternate members in the row facing opposite directions. The other team may send two or three members in the court. The motive for the sitting team is to try and "tag" the opponents. The chasers can only run in one direction and cannot cut across the sitters (unlike the dodgers who can run randomly and in between the sitters). They have to run round the entire row to reach the other side.
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