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Fencing , Épéeist, AFL fencing, Electric fencing (fencing), Epeeist, European Fencing, Fencing (sport), Foilist, Olympic fencing, Sabre-Fencing, Swordplay, Swordplayer, Sword fighting, Wheelchair fencer, Wheelchair fencers, Wheelchair Fencing
Fencing is the art of armed combat involving cutting, stabbing, or slapping bludgeoning weapons directly manipulated by hand, rather than shot, thrown or positioned, of European origin. Examples include swords, knives, pikes, bayonets, batons, clubs, and similar weapons. In contemporary common usage, "fencing" tends to refer specifically to European schools of swordsmanship and to the modern Olympic sport that has evolved out of them.
This image belongs to the following categories: Articles containing video clips, Combat sports, Individual sports, Olympic sports.

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