Duckpin bowling

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Illustration of Duckpin bowling:
Duckpin bowling

Duckpin bowling

Duckpin bowling , Duckpins, Duck pin bowling
In duckpin bowling, players attempt to knock over bowling pins with a bowling ball. The balls used in duckpin bowling are significantly smaller than those used in ten-pin bowling, and weigh one and two kilograms. Bowlers repeatedly throw or roll the ball down a lane in an attempt to knock the bowling pins over. The pins, like the balls, are smaller than their ten-pin equivalents, and it is therefore more difficult to knock them all down with a single throw. The pins are arranged in a triangular fashion identical to that used in ten-pin bowling. The game is played in bowling alleys, which have several lanes, allowing multiple groups of bowlers to play simultaneously. The lanes are long rectangular wooden surfaces bounded on either side by gutters. Bowlers release the ball from behind the foul line, which corresponds to a small edge of the rectangle, in an attempt to hit the pins which are positioned on the far end of the lane.
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