Cushion caroms

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Cushion caroms

Cushion caroms

Cushion caroms , 1-cushion, 1-cushion billiards, 1 cushion, 1 cushion billiards, Cushion carom, Einband, Indirect game, One-cushion, One-cushion billiards, One cushion, One cushion billiards, The indirect game, Una banda
Cushion caroms (or cushion carom billiards) sometimes called by its original name, the indirect game, is a carom billiards discipline generally played on a cloth-covered, 5 foot × 10 foot, pocketless table with two cue balls and a third red-colored ball. The game is sometimes incorrectly referred to as one-cushion or one-cushion billiards, which is the direct translation of its name into English from various other languages such as Spanish and German . Cushion caroms is traceable to 1820s Britain and is a descendant of the doublet game dating to at least 1807, which required the sole object ball to be banked off a cushion before being pocketed or, as it was described in 1833: " hazard is scored unless it is made by reverberation."The name of the game is taken from the pre-existing shot.
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