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Cubbies (or Cuppies)can be known as a Wembo is an informal variant on football originating spontaneously in different parts of the world. One goalkeeper, who also acts as referee as required, stands in the goal to stop the football getting in, as in normal FA rules football. The rest of the players try to score in the goal. Often the players play in pairs or occasionally larger teams. Each player or team competes against each other and must score a predetermined amount of goals to progress to the next round. Once a player/team has qualified they normally sit out until the end of the round. The round continues until only one player or team have failed to score the requisite number of goals and are therefore eliminated. The rest of the players start a next round which progresses in the same way. The last player/team left wins.
This image belongs to the following categories: Football (soccer) informal variants.

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