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Buzkashi , Bushkashi, Buskashi, Dead goat polo, Goat polo, Kökbörü, Koekboerue, Kok-boru, Kokboru, Kok Boru, Oğlak Tartış, Oglak Tartis
Buzkashi, Kok-boru or Oglak Tartis is a traditional Central Asian team sport played on horseback. The steppes' people were skilled riders who could grab a goat or calf from the ground while riding a horse at full gallop. The goal of a player is to grab the carcass of a headless goat or calf and then get it clear of the other players and pitch it across a goal line or into a target circle or vat.
This image belongs to the following categories: Central Asia, Sport in Afghanistan, Sport in Kyrgyzstan, Sport in Pakistan, Team sports on horseback.

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