Ball Hockey

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Ball Hockey

Ball Hockey

Ball Hockey , Ball Hockey, Deck hockey, Dek hockey, Driveway hockey, Ground hockey, Road hockey
Street hockey (also known as Road hockey, deck hockey, ground hockey, or ball hockey) is a type of Hockey played with or without skates. It is possible to play with either a puck or ball, although a roller hockey puck is required when not on ice. Generally, the game is played with little to no protective equipment, therefore intense physical contact is not very common and is played without body checking but does permit a level of physical contact similar to that allowed in basketball. If a puck is used, for safety the puck usually must not be raised in the air (lifted or roofed). However, rules and playing styles can differ from area to area depending upon the traditions a certain group has set aside. Street hockey is commonly played in the United States and Canada. Beach Hockey, a variation of street hockey, is a common sight on Southern California beaches.
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